Cold Comfort Farm...(review)

Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons, Lynee Truss, Roz Chast

The book was only interesting at the beginning. I was wow-ed at the beginning, thinking “this book is witty, quirky, and quite possibly my new favorite book!” It also reminded me a little of Austen’s Emma. What’s with the main character trying to solve everyone else’ problems and thinking she’s smarter than them all.

Flora Poste, the main character, was okay. Her meddlings, though sometimes annoying, did not put me off from reading. She made me giggle throughout with her thoughts and commentary on other characters as well as her surrounding. It certainly didn’t help that the characters were all intangled with each other in a seemingly unsolvable web.

As Cold Comfort Farm was a satire, I understood the author’s need to make everyone seemed silly and represented various stereostypes. Therefore, it was important to not take things as they appeared to be. Nonetheless, the jokes quickly ran out of their steams and it simply got repetitive and boring. Another thing that made this book les enjoyable to me was that I didn’t understand the accent of the country’s folks. When I didn’t understand what they were saying, the whole plot got lost on me so...that’s that.