Confession of a murder suspect...

Confessions of a Murder Suspect  - Maxine Paetro, James Patterson

Difficult review.


First, we are introduced to the Angel family, and what a bunch of freaks they proved to be. The father created drugs to be fed to the children so that they can be extraordinary human beings. It’s like they are creating from their very own dystopian society. The children know that they are different than everyone else but they just accept it as some kind of Angel’s family trademark. In short, the family is majorly screw-up. The father even slept with his eldest son’s girlfriend (WTF!)

The main character, Tandy, is the main suspect to her parents’ murder case. It is not easy for the siblings and they even accuse each other of the crime but they still support each other in their own way. I guess, blood is thicker than water. Besides dealing with the investigators who bent on pinning the murders on Tandy or her older brother—Matt, they also have to deal with the effect drug withdrawal (refer to first paragraph). Things are especially hard for Tandy since she also suffers from memory repression and she needs to get those memories back.

This is a good mystery. It is easy to follow and I really enjoy it. Tandy’s voice is fun and I can’t help but liking her although there are times when she can be annoying too. However, I’ve learned to accept the Angel’s kids for who they are. Matt, however, is quite disappointing with his anger and breaks down. As the eldest, I expect he’d do something to take care of his siblings. Anyway, Tandy fixes all but finding the ultimate evidence that proved her family’s innocence. Although it brings good thing for the kids, the ending falls flat and just doesn’t do justice to the overall mystery.