The three furies...

Fury - Shirley Marr

Fury had been on my to-read shelf for almost three years. It was difficult to get hold of this book and now that I had read it, I must say, it was definitely different. It didn’t disappoint, although it wasn’t as good as I originally expected.

The main character is a spoiled rich girl and her friends, who together committed a crime. Despite their mean girl’s style friendship, the three girls is the reason I like this book so much. They are brilliantly written with distinct personalities. I particularly like the way Eliza makes us see her friends in different lights each time a new angle to her story unfolds. In the end, I can’t help but feel a kind of attachment and fondness for the girls.

As to the crime they committed, I think their actions are justified. Initially, I am so mad at Eliza for being so egotistical and care only for her position as the alpha / leader and ultimately do the wrong thing by destroying all the evidences to the first crime. However, I am glad they get their second chance in the end even though it comes with heavy price.

Delivered with dark, witty, and bitchy narration, this is a cool read. Bonus point for making me accepts the girls for who they are.