ABC to the zzzzZZZZ....

The ABC Murders - Agatha Christie

The ABC Murder appeared to be one of Christie’s most popular and highly rated works, which made I dove into it with such a high expectation. It turned out to be a BIG disappointment.

Hasting, recently returned from South America to handle some business narrated the story. It was nice to see them paired up again. Anyway, Poirot had received an anonymous letter warning him of a crime. Soon, a series of murders begun to occur and the authority was nowhere close to discern the murderer’s identity. The victims were also completely differ from each other and just randomly chosen, or so it seemed. The only common factors were Poirot receiving a letter prior to each murder; the victim’s name and the city they murdered in corresponded to the next letter of the alphabet; and an ABC was left at the scene of each crime.

Despite that Poirot was assisted by the victims’ family members in his investigation, there wasn’t much that they did contribute. In my opinion, it was completely unnecessary to include that aspect. It also didn’t help that I were not invested in any of the characters. The whole thing felt lack of substances. The only reason I read on was because I had inkling as to the true motive behind the crimes. I was proven right which was disappointing. I kinda wish for a different resolution. Christie literally ripped out the murderer from A Pocket Full of Rye and put him here.