First DNF of the year

First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones

I didn’t like it! It annoyed me; Charley annoyed me! She seemed incapable of anything except being sarcastic or being horny. Instead of being a kick-ass heroin, she came across as trying too hard. Also, why was her father seem okay with her stepmother and stepsister’s cold treatment of Charley? Not that Charley made things easier for people. She seemed to expect people to just accept her supernatural ability, and if they didn’t or showed a slight amount of disbelief (what did she expect really?), they were either assholes or difficult people. Hmm...

I was more interested in the murder mystery that unfortunately got sidetracked for Charley’s mysterious lover. The romance just felt blehhh.. I was sick of reading about Reyes’ supposedly hotness, blab bla bla. He wasn’t even swoon worthy. Meh!

DNF at 51%


0 star!