The answer is in the bridge's card.

Cards on the Table (Hercule Poirot, #15) - Agatha Christie

Four people who got away with murders, four sleuths, one party.

The story began with Hercule Poirot’s interaction with Mr. Shaitana, with the latter invited him to a special party where four murderers who got away with their crimes were to be present. When Poirot turned up at the party, he met with Mrs. Oliver the famous mystery writer, Colonel Race, and Superintendent Battle. I was happy with the assembled sleuths, although it would be nice to have Miss Marple there too. Moving on to the story, the guests played bridge and at the end of the night, it was discovered that Mr. Shaitana had been murdered!

Poirot and the other three sleuths decided to work together in order to solve the mystery. While the rest probed into the pasts of the four suspects, Poirot spent his time trying to understand the personalities of each of the four through the bridge cards. The book dealt heavily with the psychological aspect and almost no action. However, the hints were all there for readers’ taking. I must admit it took me a while to figure out the murderers. Mrs. Oliver was a fun character and in a way, acted as a comic relief for the otherwise tense situation. Her endless chatters kept me amused.

In a true Christie’s style, there was a romance in the background. I am glad the two people ended up with each other! Apparently they also appeared in another Christie’s book though I won’t mentioned which one ;)