Norma or Norman...

Psycho - Robert Bloch

Psycho is, in my opinion, one instance where the movie is definitely better than the book. I have seen the movie few years back, and it is one of my all time favourite.

Now onto the book, it is well written and straightforward. This certainly makes it easy, fast read. I particularly like Norman’s point of view. It is epic to see him slowly revealed his true nature to the readers. It showed the complexity of human mind and the length of one to follow what he believed to be the truth. Compare to Norman, Sam and Lila were dull in comparison although their wills to find the truth made them likable characters.

The ending was gold as Mother’s personality took over Norman’s mind. Of course since I have watched the movie, I have spoiled the whole thing for myself! But I can see why this became instant classic back when it was first published.