Stalk me...not

Stalk Me - Richard Parker

My first read by Richard Parker.

Stalk Me has a good plot. I especially like the accident scene at the beginning and subsequent events. It is horrible at the way the onlookers treated the accident, but isn’t that’s exactloy how it is today? The videos being uploaded to youtube, Mary using facebook to contact these people, the killer using latest technology to hunt his victims, mother trying to control her children’s internet usage, and one of the characters capturing her friends’ embarassing moments via phone camera to use against them in near future—they are all very similar to our today’s reality.

The alternating point of views use to tell the story make me dizzy. I’d prefer a fewer point of view but I guess, it is important for the story to be told such in order to let the readers have more insights into the characters’ motives. However, this doesn’t add to my enjoyment of this story. It seems dragging—especially the flashbacks between Mary and her husband that there are moments when I almost give up on the book. The final resolution is disappointing. I don’t know what I expect, but it is not that. The little plot twist, on the other hand, is cleverly handled. It is one of the few things I like.

1.5 stars