Revenge is a dish best served cold.

The Bride Wore Black - William Irish, Cornell Woolrich

The story starts with a woman on a mission of an unknown revenge. As the story unfolds, we come to see how she plays out her revenge, though the motives are not revealed. The atmosphere I’m reading this tense and unnerving, with just the right amount of sinister mix in. I like it so much though I can’t imagine reading it again in the near future. The story loses its spell and mystery now that I’ve read it. It’s fun while it lasts though.

The final resolution is a huge let down, in my opinion. It’s the only thing that keeping me from rating this book five stars. This is the reason I prefer the movie’s ending—it ends in the only thinkable and happiest way for the woman. 

The woman is my favorite character although some of the men she kills are also likable. I particularly like Moran and Bliss. They are decent guys and truly undeserved of what befalls them. Alas! So, even though I like the woman, I recognize that she does deserve the final twist, and she knows it.

"I'm all set now," he thought. "I'm young. I've got love. I've got a clear track. The rest is a cinch.”