Bad mystery

Appointment with Death - Agatha Christie

The story began with Hercule Poirot hearing a chance remark, “She’s got to be killed.” or something… I didn’t remember. This remark would later be the reason why Poirot insisted on investigating the victim’s death despite her family’s insistence that the death was due to the victim’s health problem.

The suspects were many; with the main suspects being that of the victim’s stepchildren. Anyway, the victim herself was really a horrible character and the killer really did her family a service. But of course the taking of one’s life was a wicked, unacceptable deed in itself.

Poirot only took one day to solve the mystery, actually. The story was more of him interviewing the members of the trip about their activities prior to the murder and whatever they can tells him about the victim. The story dragged with little to no character development. Needless to say, I was bored out of my mind, but I read on just for the sake of finding out the culprit’s identity. I simply couldn’t guess it. Everyone seemed to be hiding something and had motive to do the victim off.

1 star!